Battle of Immortals International – GORGON Server

Battle of Immortals International - GORGON Server
Battle of Immortals International – GORGON Server

Battle of Immortals International is once again a huge success; it’s not surprising since it’s created by Perfect World Company, which was behind the Perfect World MMORPG which is also a huge hit.

But have you heard that it’s already been released in the Philippines? The release of BOI PH (Battle of Immortals Philippines) was also a success. Maybe due to its good advertising as well, posters on every shop and even on glass tile it is very visible.

Two days ago January 26, 2011, they opened up a new server – GORGON server to attract more players, and to prevent getting the server full maybe, at least other Filipinos will have an option now 🙂

By the way, BOI PH is franchised by Cubizone Philippines, and according to rumors they will be handling another great MMORPG produced by Perfect World Company, “Legend of Martial Arts” (LOMA) or probably more, I just wish it’s worth the wait, like how BOI PH’s impact to gamers :).


Yup, one of the most horrifying, creepy, psychologically twisted video game francise will be releasing a new title this year – SILENT HILL 8 . Fortunately, this game is available for both the PS3 and the xbox market. Yay for gamers!

On it’s 8th title already… man, this series is long. Unlike Final Fantasy where-in they just share the same name but different people and storylines (except for the FF7 plot and subsequent story lines), these games not only share the location, but the plots and subplots as well. It’s like a great root which connects all the characters in all its games to Silent HIll.

I still remember playing both Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 2, but I never had the courage to finish them both. It’s way too freaky, and they give me nightmares. I still remember Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. He gives me the creeps, until now. ~_~

It kind of makes me want to buy a PS3… or maybe not… ~_~

Battle Stations by Tyler Projects

Battle Stations by Tyler Projects

Social networks has really boomed this recent years, close to when Cyber Monday boomed in 2005.

Here in the Philippines its Friendster who first triggered us to get really hooked to this kind of network online. Why not? Filipinos are very friendly and loves to communicate, how else can we be called the texting capital of the world right? 😀

As Social networks boomed worldwide, in my opinion its Facebook who had grabbed most of the attention because of its different strategy. Associating games with Social networking.

Tyler Projects is one of the company that provides very good and innovative games in Facebook, I might be a little bias because I play their games personally. But it is this kinda game which makes Facebook stand out. Battle Stations for example, a game made by Tyler Projects, it suggests to recruit friends, establish a guild, help your friends in building structures, and even assist your crewmates in battling a big boss. This suggests people to invite friends who doesn’t even have Facebook just to play ^_^