Barunson Interactive presents Dragonica


There’s a huge pool of MMORPG today worldwide where even Top diet pills for women gets decreasing attention. I say, there’s too much of it that any first time player venturing into starting a new character might get a headache.

Disappointingly, most of them have the same gameplay, goal and even abilities. So you might end up slashing around to level up or finishing daily quests and walking your way around the map looking for bosses or rare items.

Good news is, there are companies finding different ways for Multiplayer Online Games, one of them is Barunson Interactive in Korea who developed Dragonica, the game was brought to the Philippines by E-games, which is also behind great MMORPG’s like Cabal and Ran Online. Dragonica has a different approach because it brought back the side-scrolling arcade type of gaming and combined it into an MMOG.

DOTA 2 6.70


The current DOTA (Warcraft 3 mod developed by Icefrog) runs in version 6.69c, and I think 6.70 might come a lil bit later than lipo 6 hers, or may get really really delayed :).

If you haven’t heard of it yet, only last month, October 13, 2010, was the official announcement of DOTA 2. It was indicated there that Valve, the creator of Half-life and Counter-Strike hired Icefrog (who up to now remained anonymous) who has maintained Dota up to date.

So I say we could expect a little delay on DOTA’s updates, because of DOTA 2. Let’s just hope its worth the wait :). Their official website was even established this month and a number of questions from Dota players were entertained by Icefrog himself  there  at

Battle of Immortals

Battle of Immortals

Perfect World is a China-based online game company, (which was also behind the Perfect World MMORPG) has just released a new game – The Battle of Immortals (BOI)!  Its actually an international game to start with, until it was brought to Philippines by Cubizone Philippines. I love this game so much, I even made several posters of it using brother printers, and the results were awesome 🙂

The game is very easy to learn, and I find it pretty neat ‘coz it only has a few skills with very understandable uses, unlike other MMORPG’s which gives you a heck lot of skills where some of them does the same anyway.

Another thing I like about Battle of Immortals is its Auto-Pathing, where you just click on the quest list and your hero would go to the location of the mobs, or if you need some digging, play it and you’d understand it much better :). Another interesting thing about BOI, is its PET SYSTEM, almost any of the monsters can be captured and its up to you how to customize your pet 🙂