Gunbound – Season II

Gunbound Season 2

Hey! Gunbound is Back!,  or am I the only one who missed it. 😀

Just a few years ago, I used to play Gunbound, I love it when it was possible to play it with international players. I got the chance to play with people from different countries. Most of them are teens or even younger, prolly because of its cartoony graphics in 2D and very easy to learn artillery-based gameplay, plus the really cool AVATARS (Clothes/Accessories for your character) where some even look like adult costumes which is really fun to wear for your pilot.

The game then became localized under which also released MU in the Philippines, after a few months the game(Gunbound) had bugs and hacks/cheats which made me quit the game (And I think a lot of players as well).

But yes, its back, and I thought the game already died coz I haven’t heard of it for a long time, but it actually released a 2nd part of it “Gunbound Season 2” with lots of new vehicles, and its back to international server, although its population dramatically decreased from its debut, It’s still worth a try, who knows, the game looks more delightful and challenging! See yah in the game!

Paolo’s Journey – a new kind of 3D Game

Paolo's journey

Games, Games, Gamesssss!

Yeah! Do I sound like the commercial of Vic Sotto haha!  It’s something like a life insurance for seniors for me, as they are here to stay forever, and nobody can live without. By the way I’m talking about computer/video “GAMES”. With the current generation who else aren’t playing any computer game? People even treat virtual pets online for real, and *ehem* virtual “FARMS” being a popular one

Anyway gamers, behold, there’s a new kind of 3D game in town, I just got a bit of information through the newspaper. I’m talking about “Paolo’s Journey”, it’s a new kind of 3D game which is all about Pope Benedict XVI’s Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. By the way, the game was developed by Fr. Maximo Villanueva (the image above).

According to what I’ve read, the game will be distributed for free to selected schools in the Metro, where 1000 cd’s will be given to Grade 3 students. Hmmm.. I wonder why grade 3 only???

I guess the church is just being “IN” with the generation. The church’s approach is great (I’m gonna give them 10/10 for this, I’ll be bias since I’m a computer gamer ^_^). I think it’s a nice idea to learn history via games like this. Imagine having your character venture the Philippines History and be able to see/talk with Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio etc. It’s like learning while playing, *ehem* less boring right? 🙂