Send-off and Welcome program today at DepEd Rizal

selfie with sir Charlie and sir Rommel


Its not everyday that anybody got the chance to brush elbows or made SELFIE to such dignified and respectful leaders. I can’t believe it either as two great leaders of DepEd are on the spotlight at today’s event at our office in the Division of Rizal. It’s actually a sendoff and a welcome program of two great men. The atmosphere during the program was a mix of sadness and happiness. Sad because they’ll both be missed by their followers, but otherwise happy for they will be coming back to their native land for their new assignment. πŸ˜€


I’m talking about my recent boss, Sir Carlito D. Rocafort, who will be transferred to the Division of Lipa in Batangas. He just recently became a full-pledge School Divisions Superintendent here in the Division of Rizal after leading the division for almost three years.


Next is welcoming my former boss Sir Rommel C. Bautista who was transferred from DepEd Batangas City and who is actually making a homecoming on his birthplace, he hails from Cardona, Rizal and is also on the rank of a full-pledge schools division superintendent.


Good luck and God Bless to both of you sir Rommel and Sir Charlie! Until our next selfie πŸ˜†

Lupang Hinirang version of Joey Ayala


This version of our national anthem arranged by the legendary composer/folk singer Joey Ayala should be something to ponder about. Considering that Β the original marching style is quite old and need some makeover.

What I like about Joey’s version is that the lyrics are pronounced correctly, the melody is more touching like its coming from the heart when you sing it.

Though I’m ok with the old lyrics of “Ang mamatay ng dahil sa’yo” coz I think it symbolizes us to be patriotic and at the same time depicts love, because you wouldn’t wanna die for someone you don’t love, don’t you?

Great dunk Kobe Paras

This is what the Philippines need now. Some good news from our fellow countrymen.

After winning the Miss World competition, another pinoy is making waves abroad. This time on the basketball scene particularly in a Dunk Contest by FIBA. The name is Kobe Paras, and I think his last name rings a bell because he’s the son of Benjie Paras, a legendary basketball player of our country.

Kobe was only 16 and is already 6 feet tall. He won the Under-18 3×3 Dunk Competition by FIBA that was held in Jakarta. He won the crown over dunkers from Spain and the USA.

He was also a crowd favorite because of his antics and dance move every time he dunks. Not to mention his adorable face that makes the girls and girl-alike scream! I’m sure he could easily land a slot in showbiz if he wants to. πŸ˜€