Renaldo Lapuz – We’re Brothers Forever

renaldo lapuz

Wonder what happened to Renaldo Lapuz after his phenomenal audition at the American Idol early this year? Eat your heart out Simon! We’ll the Nevada-based Pinoy sensation are now busy making commercials, series of shows, interviews, pictorials, etcetera…etc.

The song he composed “We’re Brothers Forever” was a major hit that a lot of artist worldwide are doing a remix or making their own version of the song. (maybe you could give Renaldo some royalties hehe) Paging the makers of Brother Printers, maybe its a good idea to hire Renaldo as an endorser of your products. What do you think? :d Hey Renaldo Kabayan! Wag mo kong kalimutan ha! 😀

With this post, a new category was born on my blog. I named it PPP (just like the very famous acronym on the internet) and it stands for Popular Pinoy Personality.

View videos of Renaldo here! Video 1, Video 2

Renaldo Lapuz entry in Wikipedia

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