Smart Agent Summer Activity

one of the large pool at Club Manila East

one of the large pool at Club Manila East

my co-agent JoJo Trono

My co-agent Jojo Trono received an “Event Specialist Award” from SMART.

It was cloudy that Friday morning, I thought tutuloy kaya ako or not. I was referring to the Summer Activity ’06 of SMART Communications for their Agents. We’ll sabi ko I’ll go na rin, I am excited kase, this would be my first time to attend such event ever since I become an agent of SMART.

The place is near our place (The nice n cozy CLUB MANILA EAST), so it won’t be a hassle for me getting there.  I packed my things, hop on my bike and go.

Wow I was welcome by a brass band at the main entrance. I saw three aircon buses where I think the agents rode coming from the main office. The program has already started when I get there. Inside the hall are full of people already sitted, separated by the color of the group they represent, bcoz there will be a team-building activity in the afternoon.The ambience is very lively, different high-ranking officers delivering inspirational speech to the crowd, sharing their stories, some tips on selling, updates on products, and giving support and morale to the agents. Lunch was served and yes the food was great, we even have a tasty and juicy lechon.

The Team-Building is fun. With all the agents participating. Nice games, even in scorching weather, every participant are enjoying the event . Even though there’s some cheating in the games! Everyone else are happy. Unfortunately, our team has no place in the finals. waaaahhh… It’s a pity coz I really loved  those orange SMARTMONEY Jacket.

The guys got their bloodveins pumping when the beautiful and sexy Ms. Anna Leah Javier(Hotbabes) perform. Almost all want to have their picture taken with her, and I’m one of them, hehehe.  And of course the one that gives more excitement to the crowd is the raffle. everybody has a chance to win different prices. From as low as 1 PWEDE card up to a 21″inch Flat-Screen colored TV. Well, I guess  I’m not lucky that day to win a prize. But I still I did not go home empty handed, coz I got myself a lootbag, meet a long-time co-employee, gained new friends and felt how good it is to be a SMART Agent.

p.s. Thanks to my AC’s Sir Vhen and Sir Renan

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