2013 Year of the Water Snake

The year 2012 is about to end in just a couple of days with the last month being a festive time not just of the yuletide season but December is also a month wedding bands and vows and babies. Of a big coincidence, I myself know 3 sets of couples who got married just this month and 3 new mothers who also gave birth to healthy babies a few days apart from each other. But aside from these happy events, some sad and disastrous incidences have also occurred elsewhere in the world like typhoons and floods turning over entire communities and livelihoods to gun shooting massacres in the US. Such sad events that would bring a much needed lesson to humanity in more ways than one.

And with the start of the 2013 Year of the Water Snake, we always hope for a better and brighter future ahead of us. Not just for our own country, but also for the whole world. May there be less disasters and violence and more love and peace.

PnSers Boracay Escapades Video

Two weeks have past from our Boracay trip at its only recently that I’ve finished editing our video! Whew! At last, the much-awaited video from our Boracay escapade can now be seen worldwide via Youtube haha!


The whole movie are all actually made from video clips from a point and shoot cameras. Several clips from a Fujifilm Finepix HS10 (I really love its high-speed feature) then from my trusty Fujifilm Finepix S1800, another from a Sony TX5 Cybershot (waterproof) and lastly from a Canon Powershot D10, which is also a waterproof camera. Good thing we don’t need an rv repair but unfortunately the HS10 need some rest as it gulped some sea water during some banca scene hehe!

By the way, the PnSers members in this Boracay trip were (Nhald, Fat_joe, Ace Creativemind and yours truly. We did a photowalk in Boracay as part of the prize for capturing the Grand Prize at the Photo-Essay Contest of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Watch and enjoy our video!


Danny MacAskill – a gnarly Scottish bmxer

Man, I miss biking. I haven’t ridden my bike for a while since I kept it in my garage.

Anyway, this is Danny MacAskill, one of the premier BMX and mountain bikers in Scotland. I found him really cool, mainly because Scottish terrain is much harder and rougher than urban settings like in the US. You need something like a thule bike rack when you need to bring your bike to several areas in the country. And in some places, most of them are grasslands, which means they’re soft earth. It’s very tricky to navigate this kind of ground on a bike. You’re going to need a lot of planning and control to maneuver and do tricks with this bike, as well as special enhancements to make the bike endure the tricks.

I was totally stoked upon watching this video! Danny MacAskill was literally flying all over the place! Heights are nothing, and his bike looks indestructible too! I should say that him and his bike was a real All-Terrain machine!

Maybe I should work out , you know, to get my BMX riding body back so I can do tricks like these again haha! (wishing) 😀