Are You a Rhinoplasty Candidate?

The best rhinoplasty candidates will be at least 16 years old for women, 18 years old for men and in good physical and mental health. You may be a candidate for rhinoplasty if you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose or if you experience problems with breathing through your nostrils.

Having a rhinoplasty is not as expensive as you think.  If you want to improve the appearance or function of your nose, you must be willing to undergo a surgical procedure and its associated recovery.  It is also important during the initial consultation to speak openly with the doctor about your expectations and surely you can get an honest assessment of what rhinoplasty can do for you.

Ok you had your nose surgery… What if your nose surgery collapsed? Ouch. It is one of the disadvantages of having nose lift or nose surgery.  Your nose became fragile.  Once had a rhinoplasty, one must be extra careful with his nose.  It can’t be hit or bumped to any solid materials or else you’re in trouble.

Corrective nose surgery in Beverly Hills, CA is the answer if after few months of healing and you didn’t like how it looks, just talk to one their doctors and they can do minor revision.  Isn’t it wonderful that it can still be corrected?

Tattoo for Life

tattooIt was during my adolescent years that I have gotten myself tattooed by my friend who was an aspiring tattoo aritst. He was inspired by some U.S. magazines with lots of easy tattoo symbols to imitate and practice with. He tattoed himself allover, as long as he can reach it, from his arms down to his legs. And I gave him moral  support by being one of the person (victim/s) to be tattooed by him.

At first I was a bit nervous, so we both gulped some beer before the actual tattooing session. No questions about the sanitation of the procedure because he is well prepared. He use medical gloves, rubbing alcohol, and  brand new needles for his tattoo machine. He drew first the design on my arms and  told me “This tattoo is for life. Are you sure you want this?”

Well,  years have passed. We no longer see each other, but I always remember him whenever I the tattoo on my arm. And I can  proudly answer him back that until now I have no regrets on having a tattoo that day.

Plastic Surgery: Risky or Not

Admit it or not we are being judge initially by our physical appearance (just like the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover). So it is really an advantage if we are looking good. There are ways now to look good if you are not blessed by beauty. Plastic Surgery is the answer! But unfortunately only well-off people may undergo this operation. And another question that may arise is… is it risky? Some people say it is, but with the people who undergone plastic surgery may say it’s not.

For me the only way to know if it is risky or not is talk to the expert. Chicago plastic surgery is one of the dependable places where you can find the professionals to give you the informations you will need. It is important that you know everything about a certain surgery before going into it. It is also important to know if we are physically and mentally fit to the operation.