Share your Thoughts

Who would have thought that thoughts can be taught and be the thoughts of all. Hahaha! Got you there huh! Its actually a trick sentence. But there is actually a place on the world wide web where your thoughts is the IN thing. Its the place where you can share your thoughts and other stuffs (like photos, videos, podcasts, etc..) with other people. Or just blog about anything, like the recent NBA championship or what happened to photobucket or anything you have in your mind.

I’m talking about, where anyone can register an account for free. Yes its 100% free as long as your 14 years or older. And from there you can start sharing your thoughts to all the members by having your own blog and it comes with your own personalized URL. There’s no need to worry about the space because would give you unlimited free space to put all your blogs, photos, videos, and podcasts.

Then for some socialization you can express yourself at the Forums. You can ask, interact, discuss, or just be a plain lurker and learn from all the different threads and opinions coming from people all around the globe.

And if your doing some research. No need to open up another window because at they integrated the power of the three best search engines. With just one click you got 4 result pages from  Google, Yahoo, MSN and Isn’t that neat!


Paris Holiday


Nothing beats a holiday. Its when you have all the time in the world to do what you like to do. Go anywhere you like or take a leisure walk in the park. Only this time the park is not at your village park but perhaps a beautiful park somewhere in Paris, like the Jardin du Luxembourg.

And one exceptional company that handles Tours in Paris excellently and dedicatedly is Isango! The package they offer to their clients are the cheapest and consistent prices of all the other tour company out there. (No surprise fee whatsoever!) They will provide you with a list of activities and great destinations, giving you all the freedom to choose that fits your budget.

Travelling will be at ease and hassle-free. All you have to do is just charged your batteries and start shooting at all the wonderful places and scenery’s that they will bring you to. They even make sure that all your personal belongings are safe and secure and that includes the most important thing “you“. So the next time you or your family are on a holiday, think of Isango and book for a great holiday with them. They won’t dissapoint you, for they will give you their best.

Visit Australia

image from www.immigration2australia.comThe beautiful country of Australia. Home of the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu and other wonderful places on earth you can find it here. With lots of nice destinations to explore, entertained and relax. One of them is the city of Sydney where the famous Sydney Opera House was built. From there you would see also the much talk about Harbour Bridge.

Then Melbourne, also known as the “Worlds Ultimate Sports City”. Cricket and football are widely popular here, with soccer and rugby coming in second. If you love watching these sports then don’t forget to include Melbourne in your itenirary.

And then there is Brisbane. For people who love performing arts and entertainment. Theatre fans would definitely enjoy visiting Brisbane. There you would find The Queensland Performing Arts Complex. Concerts and stage plays all year round. And for the yuppies entertainment pubs and clubs are all within the city to hop in.

Go to where the action is! Go west of Australia! That would be Perth. Situated around 2750 kilometres or at least two days away by car. Experience the Outback. Surf and dive on its sunny beaches. Go on an adventure tour on its virgin forest. Or just pitch a tent and just be one with mother nature.