2008 Yamaha TMax

yamaha t-max
I still remember the first time I saw a Yamaha T-Max Maxi-Scooter last November 2002 at Baguio City, it was actually a yellow T-Max too. And as a scooterist, I easily fell in love with its great body and aerodynamic designed. Its only when I’ve done a research on the internet that I’ve knew its specification – a powerful 500cc engine (lots of power, good enough to enter the expressway lol).

Six years passed, and now Yamaha has released the T-Max 2008 model. With lots of nice modifications to its designs and down to its weight. I’m just waiting to win the lottery and I will definitely grabbed one fresh 2008 T-Max for me,lol. For the meantime I’ll just imagine that my ride is a T-Max. Anyway my Geely has similar front and rear look of a T-Max, haha. (My Geely)
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