Dogs in Baguio

Mad Dog Biker

Decieving me but i’m talking about people here and not the canine haha. Well as you know, yours truly is also known as raredog. And so while I’m in Baguio last week, I’ve met a few dogs there. One dog that I was glad to have a photo souvenir was a member of Mad Dog, he was easy to approach and he gladly accepted some¬†photo shoots¬†with my buddy Nhokie. Woefully though I forgot to get his name to mention here on my blog. He’s tall, big, bearded and really cool with his biker outfit. I think weight loss pill would be the last thing this biker would take haha. Now I know that an easy rider not only stands for the kind of bike but for the biker’s attitude as well. Thanks and more power to Mad Dog Motorcycle Club sir.

buangayam and raredog
The other dog was my former boss and now a riding buddy at MCP. He is Cesar a.k.a. “Buangayam” a Waray dialect that translates also to mad dog in english haha. The last time we’ve met was 2 or 3 years ago at Enchanted Kingdom during the Christmas Toy Run with Frank Woolf. Ahhh…Time passes so fast.

Group Ride or Solo?

group rideMy group are planning a ride to Baguio this coming December 27. But sad to say a lot of them are becoming tentative with their skeds as the date gets nearer. I was looking forward for this ride ever since. So if ever my riding buddies won’t be available, I might do a solo ride!

Whew! Kinda tough decision for me actually since this would be my very first long solo ride. Although Im confident that my 3 mos old Yamaha Mio can handle the whole journey efficiently. I will l still bring it to a good mechanic for a check-up. Good thing Mio parts is not at par with Ferrari parts or else I can’t afford to have one.