Missed Belly Dancing

I kind of miss belly dancing. Oh wait, I’ll rephrase that… I really missed belly dancing. It’s like one of the best workouts I ever had when I was studying it, way back when I had a gym membership (that and yoga). Unfortunately, ever since my mom canceled my membership, I stopped. And it’s a real shame, since I actually felt like I was pretty good at it.

I actually had to research it too. It turns out that bellydance and yoga are some of the top fat burners for women my size… you know, the extra fluffy size. Not to mention that both exercises are good training for the one another. Yoga is good for belly dance, and belly dance is good for yoga, since they target the right muscles in improving postures for both.

Hmm… now that I think about it, maybe I should get my yoga mat back out from my closet. Yoga is great for home exercise, since you don’t need any heavy equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and some comfy clothes and you’re good to go.

Actually, you also need someone who thinks it’s not funny when you do yoga. That’s what I need anyway. Having someone around the house laughing her butt off while you do a downward dog is a real pain when you’re working out.