Drip Drip din pag me time

Time flies!

I can’t imagine it’s been 4 months na pala since I’ve done trike drifting! Sobrang na-miss ko sya! Kya drip drip din pag me time haha!


I guess I have to insert it to my busy sked. And that’s what happened last Tuesday when I filed a leave of absence to take my mom to a clinic for her much needed eye operation, and since it would take her almost half day, I sneaked and go all the way to San Mateo, Timberland for a short session with my Pinoy Drift Trikes crew, and together for the first time with my hijo Dek Brian. I’ve lured him into this sport and he likes it very much! In fact he can already nailed a triple 360 with ease! πŸ˜€

Torturing Tricia

β€œIf you can’t beat him, join him! β€œ


This might be the thoughts of two of my kiddos (Dek and Vin) and their buddies, when they discovered how fun it is to ride a drift trike. (
Since I’ve been trike drifting for almost a year, its only this time that they got the chance to test it
) πŸ˜€


It started when I left Tricia (my drift trike) for about a week with them. On the very first night they saw it, they wasted no time and along with their friends (guys and girls) took turns riding it on the street like they stole it haha!


Eventually, with all the torture and torment Tricia had with these guys, one of the rear hub just popped-out from the mags. Good thing no one was injured and the hub came out clean from its weld, no cracks or dents whatsoever. Unfortunately, I forgot to took photos of it while its broken. So for precautionary purpose, we have both hub welded instead of only the one that broke.


And because of that, the torture begins again, as you can see on this video. Dek was being pulled by a motorcycle while being videoed by Vin haha!

Sean Kirk loves Trike Drifting


For the first time, Sean Kirk was still up and energize way past his bedtime. Its because of his new found hobby, and that’s Trike Drifting!


He just went drifting and drifting and drifting all night long at the not-so-downhill street in Kapitolyo, Pasig together with me and the famous Pinoy Drift Trikes crew. The street is spacious and well-paved, well lit with like a stage lights lamp post scattered along the way.


Since Sean Kirk was only 9 years old, the crowd was uber delighted seeing him on a trike and doing his thing, he was an eye candy to everyone!


We had a blast that night or should I say morning, as we hit our crib pass 3am haha! As anticipated Sean Kirk jumps right into bed and was snoring within seconds πŸ˜†