Pasig Scandal – Pinoy Drift Trikes


Something different, something fresh! This is what I feel when we jammed the other night with some cool dudes and dudettes longboarders at a secluded playground in Pasig. I’ve said its different and fresh coz we usually hangout and drift during daytime and this is my first time to do it late at night until almost dawn.


One of the advantage in drifting at night is we don’t sweat much since its cooler! And we also love that spot in Pasig where we (PDT Crew) got the chance to mingle with fellow gravity sports enthusiast, albeit the angle of the street is not so sweet for some crazy speed, the pavement was super smooth, just enough for some awesome drifting action!


The scandal is at the end of the video where my posse Warly suddenly went nuts and attempt to jumped over a speeding trike and unfortunately hit the handlebar with his left foot that makes him go wacko on air! Wapakkkk!!!! haha! 😀



Pinoy Drift Trikes shown on Matanglawin

To those who missed it on television, I’m blogging and bragging our segment/story video on Matanglawin which was aired yesterday, October 14, 2012.



Television is such a big exposure in making drift trikes popular, and I congratulate the whole staff of Matanglawin specially to Charizze and of course to the main man of Matanglawin no other than Kuya Kim for doing a great job in making our episode such an eye candy to the televiewers and sports fanatics. Our Facebook fanpage (Pinoy Drift Trikes) received numerous LIKES and were flooded with such wonderful comments from those who’ve watched it! Cool! 😀


I was hoping that sponsorships will soon follow. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Cobra, Gatorade, Rockstar and the likes, or maybe from gears and helmets too like Spyder, LS2, Rudy Project, Oakley and Fox, as we plan to have some drift trike competition in the near future. 😀

Pinoy Drift Trikes in Timberland

Last week’s session with the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew was fun and aggressive as we invade the mountain biking capital of the Philippines as quoted by Bikers Cafe in Timberland San Mateo, Rizal.


Its already 2pm when we arrived at the main gate of Timberland and it really is super exciting for all of us drifters as we ascend the twistee road. The angle of the slope is mega steep and the concrete road is super smooth, which only means we’ll be going for some super fast drifting action with our drift trikes.


There at the gates, we gain exposures with some mountain bikers maybe because we look odd and weird haha! Some of them even took photos from their mobile phones, for souvenir I guess 😀


We then test it! Its really fast, As far as my drifting career is concern, I think this would be the fastest spot we have ever drift our trikes. We then stop at the sharp deadly curve spot popularly to the bikers as “Siko” or elbow in english. Its the place where most of our picture taking and videos took place besides its technically the best spot that day!


After an hour we decided to descend again. I think its about a kilometer ride until we reached the bridge. we then eat, rest and refresh ourselves at Bikers Cafe where we met a lot of amazing and curious people. I’m sure we’ll be going back again to this place!

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