Pinoy Drift Trikes on TV again

Another milestone for drift trikes in the Philippines,  as another media exposure is coming your way. 😀

From its first ever tv appearance with the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew and myself last September 8 at GMA-7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, another famous documentary TV show from another giant network will feature drift trikes again on the boob tube!

Ok I’ll spill it! I’m talking about no other than Matanglawin of ABS-CBN which is hosted by the lively and witty Kim Atienza a.k.a. Kuya Kim. It’s time slot is every Sunday at 9:30 am. There’s no definite date yet but it will be shown this coming October. Be sure not to miss it!

Anyway, to get you more excited, here’s are some behind the scenes from our Matanglawin shoot. 😀




And for trash-talkers of drift trikes, I made a list of facts, based from my own experience


  1. It’s a new action sport and it’s EXTREME!
  2. The usual first impression is that it looks like a kids’ stuff (wait until you ride it!)
  3. Yes It’s an extreme sport but it’s actually safe for everyone (young and old) as long as you don’t do downhill the first time.
  4. It’s much more easier to ride than a bicycle coz its 3-wheeled
  5. There’s no standard in building a drift trike, you just have to be creative and performance wise. (old bmx or mountain bike parts will do)
  6. It’s actually 4 sports rolled into 1 (biking, go-kart, car drifting and wakeboarding)
  7. It’s exciting and exhilarating, plus it enhances the skills of the rider
  8. Improves one agility and level of alertness
  9. And most of all it foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among other drift trikers here and around the world. 😀


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Drift Trikes shown on Philippine Television via Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

Last September 8, 2012 was a big day for Pinoy Drift Trikes as “drift trikes” was shown on Philippine television for the first time via the Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho show on GMA 7. This underground extreme sport has gained momentum and its much needed exposure to the Filipino audience particularly those into extreme sports.

our segment on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

Although drift trikes has already been popular in many countries (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Peru, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa) for two years now, its only early this year that drift trike’s enthusiasts from the Philippines was organized through Pinoy Drift Trikes.


the uncut version of our drift

This will benefit the country just in case an international competition will sprung out in the near future from this extreme sport, as this will more likely honed competitive pinoy drift trikers as early as possible.


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