Zeus Helmet Makeover

my pimped zeus helmetMy old and scratchy Zeus 506W helmet came to my attention. Since I’ve got nothing to do (again lol) that afternoon, maybe I’ll just pimp it. The original design of it was matte black but now it looks like (and smells like) ditch black hehe.

I washed and dried it, rubbed sandpaper on it until it smoothen out, then sprayed it with a flat black paint. Then by chance, I saw this glitters on my cabinet (blue, silver, red and gold). What if? Haha yeah right! Make my helmet a bling-bling! I then mixed all the glitters and sprinkled it on the top of the air vent (t’was detached from the helmet by the way) then finishing it off by spraying it with a clear acrylic paint on top. Tada! I now own a Zeus 506BB hohoho!

Now my helmet stands out from the ordinary, arghhh! Not only for the road but for disco as well, haha! My friend said “What would you think next?” Maybe I’ll install a Grohe faucets on my lid next time. 😆