After Dodgeballin

Dodgeball Playmates

Thank God I found my way home after that gruelling battle at  1st Playboy Philippines Dodgeball Tournament at Club 650 yesterday. The whole day is full of heat! The weather, the games, and the sights, whoa! Its absolutely fun-tastic! I’ve not gone sweating like this in years haha! Since Im virginal with the sport and I haven’t played any (other sports)lately, you could imagine how my body is tremendously aching right now as Im typing this blog. (argggh! can’t find my BenGay!)

I won’t mention whats the standing of our team (Digital Manila) hmmmm well whatta heck, our team is included in the Top Ten! Kewl! (but with only 8 teams playing har har har!) We came last actually wahhhh! All I can say is that we did our best and we have fun playing dodgeball. If only we….huhuhu… WATCH OUT for our return performance! lol.

As usual, I squeaked in my blogging activities in between games, by socializing with other bloggers and shooting some photos/videos. This is where I met my newfound BF haha! BlogFriends po. – Jeff, Aethen, Jonel, JP, Leirs, Alvin (Team – DigitalManila) Cher, Rochelle, Dong ho, Omar, Carl and of course the main man himself, Azrael. (Team – BlogBallers). Nice meeting and playing with you guys!

sorry didn’t got all your URL guys,  pm na lang po for backlinks. 😀

Check out our photos HERE!

Playmates in Action!

Bloggers in Action!