Sexy Carrot

sexy carrot

My BP or blood pressure wants me to pay attention as I’m having high readings lately. I then I searched the net for some home remedies/food intake to pacify or lessen the cholesterol in my body. That’s when I found out about the good stuff from carrots.

Not only it has Vitamin A for dry and wrinkle treatment for our skin, but is also effective in reducing our body weight.  By including it in our daily diet,  it lowers cholesterol, controls high blood pressure and prevents cancer.

BTW, I found the odd shape carrot from the basket that my mom brought from the market. It looks like the behind of a sexy woman. I played around with it before she slice it. I draw some Levis design pocket and starts capturing it with my point and shoot camera. 😀

High Blood Alert

high blood

Bear with me people of the earth hehehe! As you can see I’m on hiatus, I haven’t posted here on my blog for quite sometime now (its only 3 days since your last post, you jerk lol). Nahh but seriously I’m having health problems lately. I guess its because of the hot weather Manila is experiencing right now (or is it because I’m aging,hehe)

It started last Holy Week. I thought that the pain my neck is suffering is mainly because of a bad sleeping position. Only to find out later after a blood pressure test that I’m suffering hypertension. The BP test reads 130 over 100. Oh my gulay! That is bad!

Anyway, I just keep cool and analyzed things. Why the sudden surge of my diastolic? Before I usually have a reading of 120/80.

The doctor advise me to have my cholesterol level check before giving me a prescription. And it was positive, my cholesterol was high, but not that critical high. I was spare from having a maintenance drug, but he strongly suggested that I go on a diet. Low salt, low carb, avoid fatty foods and alcohol. (nohhh spare me the alcohol pleaseeee, lol).

It’s my fault. Being an employee and a blogger, I was always infront of the computer, both at home and at work. Before I used to sweat a lot riding my bmx bike but now nothing, not even jogging or brisk walking. I guess i have to change my lifestyle before its too late. How about you, have you checked your blood pressure lately?