Hoping for an LCD TV

lcd tvSean Kirk at his early age is really fascinated with any high-tech gadgets or equipments that he can lay his eyes on. One particular object that he really really like to see when were at the mall are the widescreen lcd tv. I guessed its because of the vibrant and crisp colors that the lcd tv show that attracts him. Specially if its a cartoon movie that they were playing.

He would always ask me to bring home a tv like that! And to make no further debate with a stubborn kid, I would say “Yeah sure no problem, I’m just saving for it“. I told him also to pray to God that daddy wins the Philips LCD TV grand prize on the Buhay Coke Video Blog contest on which I have an entry. He smile and nods smartly.

Some facts about LCD TV:

LCD is more durable and more reliable than a plasma.

LCD is repairable. Unlike plasma.

LCD is slim, and isn’t as heavy as plasma.

LCD can be hang on wall easily.

If you want to watch TV on a very bright environment go LCD.

Low energy consumptions.

Can be and are often used as computer monitors.

Much cheaper than plasma. And much longer life.

Much nicer if I win! šŸ˜€


Buhay Coke ni Raredog

buhay coke ni raredogHayyy sa wakassss! After all those location shooting and numerous hours of editing (as if i’m a pro, hehe). I’ve finally finished my video entry for the “Buhay Coke Video Blog Contest” sponsored by Coke (of course) and SM Hypermarket.

I was super duper excited to make an entry the first time I heard the announcement about the contest last JuneĀ 27, 2008 at the Buhay Coke Bloggers Party at TasteĀ Asia. But days have passed and still nothing entered my mind. Then just recently, during my sleep, the concept for the video just popped-outĀ in my mind. I immediately woke up and jot it down before it went pffff šŸ˜€

The idea is quite simple. Since I don’t have the looks of a commercial model i’ll just let my hand do the talking. I just hope this entry of mine make it to the finals and hopefully win! After all I do love Coke Zero! Its sugar-free! And it taste just like the real Coca-Cola which is my fav drink ever since.Ā 

You likedĀ it?Ā Please share it. Thanks! šŸ˜€