My Be-Rare Trike Resurrection 2020

Nag hibernate din ng matagal-tagal itong motorized trike ko gawa ng mejo naging busy sa ibang bagay, nawindang ako sa stroke at siyempre nagka pandemic pa. Kya ayun matagal tagal ding natengga.

Finish the video nasa last part kse ako haha!

Until last Saturday ng maisipan namin ng anak kong si Dek na i-revive sya! Sinimulan sa baklas lahat muna (rear axle and tires, fork and front wheel, body frame, bucket seat and of course yung makina), then linis lahat ng all that grimes, dirt and oils. Tapos a simple paint job on the frame and handle bar.

Sa engine naman linis carb, linis chain, palit spark plug, change oil at tune up. Sa tune up mejo natagalan itono kase we need to check pa its valve clearance at siempre nga matagal din kse nde nagamit.

Overall bandang hapon na kami natapos on the second day ng aming pagre revive.

Resurrected and good to drift na sya again 100%. Thank God!!!

5K Kilometers

Miah at Kuhala Bay
Almost half a year now and covered almost 5K kilometers on my odometer. Amazingly, not a single sign of wear and tear from any parts of my Yamaha Mio Sporty, except of course its tires. By the way I’m still using the original IRC tires that came with it. Actually, the whole bike is still in stock condition. So far, no disappointment whatsoever with its performance. Very economical and the power is there when you need it. “Mejo nahihilig nga akong ihataw siya lately hehe, unlike before na tamang stroll lang ang speed.” Making a vow to maintain it religiously via change-oil and tune-ups will prevent future engine and bearings problem for sure. I simply love my Yamaha Mio Sporty!

Breakfast at Yamaha Marikina

raredog at Yamaha MarikinaCan you eat breakfast, browse online, and change oil your scooter all at the same time? Well as a matter of fact I did. I brought Miah (my mio scooter) to Yamaha 3S Marikina last saturday for her very first scheduled change oil.

Tagging my laptop that morning on the way to the shop. Im anticipating that they would offer me a cup of coffee, so I manage to bought some spanish bread along the way, haha. I wasn’t actually the one who will do the change oil thing but Melvin, one of their motorcycle mechanics.

It was on my full view (separated by a wall glass from the service bay) while Im inside the aircon showroom browsing my favorite forum (MCP Forum of course) and having my bread and coffee. Next time I’ll bring some of my partner dessert recipes to match their coffee. BTW check-out how they pamper Miah. They even place an electric fan infront of her. hehe