Vintage Tea Pot and Old Chinese Wine For Sale

I recently acquired two collector’s item. The teapot coming from our old house and the wine coming from a good friend of mine as a peace token haha! I want to sell it right away since I don’t have passion in collecting items like this. 😀

Vintage Islamic Arabic Brass Dallah Coffee Tea Pot Approx. 9” Tall Middle Eastern. Palm and Sword crossing etched on one side and Dallah etched on the other. Primary Material: Brass, Dallah, Pot, Vintage Original, Region of Origin: Middle East, Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia, Color: Gold
I sell this for 12,000
This is a fine old original Japanese Two Deer Brand Medicinal wine bottle. It measures 6″ high and 5″ in diameter in the middle. There are no chips or cracks and with box. Vintage Pottery Bottle Two Deer Ng Ka Py Wine Hong Kong Jug Brown 6″ 1930’s I sell this for P5,000