Visit New York

CitySights NY BusIf you happen to come and visit New York City or more popularly known worldwide as The Big Apple. (I wonder why its called that?) Don’t miss all the beautiful places you and your family can go to. Just be sure to have with you a map or a tour guide because its quite easy getting lost in the city with an estimated area of 322 square miles, and about 8.2 million people of different nationalities living on it.

One way of making your New York Tours more secure and worthwhile is by getting some reasonable price package tours from a reliable agency like City Sights NY. They know New York City like no other. From their specially designed Double Decker Bus (with seats only on the top deck) that gives you a 360 degree view from where you are seated. You’ll save time and money for without getting afraid of being lost at the big city. They gonna bring you fast and safe to New York City major attractions, fine restaturants, museums, parks, shopping centers and a lot more. They even have an aerial package tour where you can view the entire city on top via their helicopters. Imagine seeing Liberty’s face almost right at your window, or just circling around those tall buildings in the Manhattan area in birds eyeview. A spectacular landscape¬†which you can only see¬†in postcards.