Sexy Namie Amuro on Coke Ad

I’ve just finished my breakfast while in front of my laptop which is by the way under laptop insurance of course, nowadays you need it :). I got really thirsty after watching the Coke Zeroad on youtube, dunno why, It’s probably bcoz of their new model haha!

Coke is definitely a popular drink, I cant say how popular it is in most countries, but having an asian model as hot as Namie Amuro! WoW!

I’m sure Coca-Cola company made a very smart choice in choosing Namie Amuro. She is a popular Japanese entertainer-singer and was a former actress.

Having her represent Coke would capture most age group for Coke Zero, may it be male or female, in my opinion :). Females would never stop adoring Namie’s hot curves made from drinking the sugar-free soda, and of course males would drink just from admiring Namie Amuro ^_~.

SM Science Discovery Center

sm ticketsMe and Kevin spent a futuristic afternoon at the SM Science Discovery Center last Saturday, courtesy of the tickets I’ve won as a devil wannabee at the Buhay Coke Bloggers Party last June 27 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Our eyes feast on its high-tech exhibits and display. We also enjoyed watching a short film on their awesome 360° cinema, and before leaving the place we managed to posed with the robots for some souvenir photos. (Too bad the photos kinda blurred, so Its much better not to post it here)sm science discovery center

As a biker, I was easily attracted to their wheels display. But it wasn’t just ordinary!  It was the Segway (the two-wheeled personal transporter) and  the insane but awesome Monowheel. If only they have let us ride it. Yay! 😀


Ang Saya Dito sa Coke Bloggers Party

coke overdose

I had a blast last night at the Buhay Coke Bloggers Party which took place at the Taste Asia Restaurant located at the SM Mall of Asia. The food was magnificent and blizzard of ice cold beer was overflowing. I have managed to shake hands with 2 famous bloggers for the first time. The first one is Jehzlau – (the one that’s been envied for his lofty earnings) – of and the other one which I think is the sexiest and prettiest she-devil that night – Hellga of

I even won two tickets at the SM Science Discovery Center for being a diablo wannabee (or look-alike lol) . And it doesn’t stop there, as Coke and SM Hypermart even gives everyone a case of Coke Zero to bring home. Thanks Coke for the party! You are very much welcome to place ads on my site! 😀

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