Congressional Medal of Distinction for Pacman

While the people from the west awaits Black Friday for massive shopping spree. Asiaā€™s number 1 pound for pound champion, Manny Pacquiao together with his colleagues in the congress celebrated his most recent victory.

The Philippine congress seemed to have a holiday yesterday as they cut-off their normal session and surprised Manny with a hero’s welcome on his first day of work! Manny was treated like a president as he entered the congress and walked on the red carpet. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Distinction. Actually the Philippine government is running out of ideas on what awards they would give to Pacquiao haha!

Iā€™m very humbled by the speech that he delivered on the video I’ve watched. He offered his 8th championship belt to the Filipino people, which will recognize Filipinos as the 8th wonder of the world šŸ˜€