DIY Hatch Strut Repair

I own an old Daihatsu Charade and my hatch strut (or door stay to others) is malfunctioning as it no longer hold the weight of the hatch as it drops down as soon as you take your hands after lifting the hatch. As a result, I always placed my steering wheel lock to hold the hatch in place.

The solution? A piece of PVC. I first measured the shaft after its fully stretched, then cut a PVC with the same measurement minus an inch. Then saw the middle of the PVC for at least 2.5mm to snug fit it to the shaft of the strut.

Just place the pvc between ends of the shaft to hold its weight, and slide the pvc to the strut when your closing the hatch.

With this cheap and hassle-free fix, I can now enjoy lifting my car’s hatch and no more worries that it would drop on my head anytime haha!

DIY 360 Swivel Helmet Mount for GoPro cameras


It’s actually my posse Rommel who made this DIY 360 Swivel helmet mount for his GoPro camera. He allow me to use it on my helmet that day, and because of excitement I hurriedly fix it on top of my helmet and forgot to have some photos with it for posting it on my blog. Nevertheless, since I memorized all the materials needed in making one.

Assuming you already got a helmet with helmet adhesive mounts, with J-buckle and bolt.

The materials is easy to acquire and the steps are simple

diy 360 swivel

A. caster wheel that revolves (remove the wheel)
B. nylon zip ties (insert it on the caster wheel base and tied it to the aluminum bar)
c. aluminum bar (around 2 and half feet in length and place the caster wheel at the middle, on the other side place an adhesive helmet mount with a quick release buckle to match with the J-buckle on top of your helmet, then secure the bolt to hold both buckles)
D. stick-on weights to balance the camera
e. roll-bar mount to place your GoPro camera

Well that’s it! Enjoy making cool videos with yout 360 Swivel Helmet mount!


Below is a sample video of the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew and me while using the 360 Swivel Helmet mount on our drop at Mariveles, Bataan.


DIY GoPro Bobber

my gopro mountain dew bobber
my gopro mountain dew bobber

Why the need for a GoPro Bobber?

Basically you need it for your camera safety when using your camera on water. Particularly at sea, because without it, your GoPro will easily submerged like a stone. So a bobber will save it, much more if the color is bright, you could easily see it even when its dark. It’s also a floating device, and you can shoot photos/videos underwater hands free! Isn’t that amazing!

That’s why for my DIY Bobber project, I choose the Mountain Dew 400ml plastic bottle because of its green fluorescent color.

Other materials needed

1 pc concrete nail size 4 inch
1 GoPro orig or generic Tripod Mount
1 set of 1/8th bolt & nut
(but in my case, I’ve used the bolt from my wreck tripod mount)
Silicon sealer
Mountain Dew 400ml flourescent platic bottle
(or any plastic bottle na mahanap nyo, yan kase Mountain Dew bottle na yan eh very rare na kse ginagawang palamuti rin sa mga jeep, sa kariton, sa bike, etc..)
Yan nga gamit ko, nakita ko lang naka display sa isang store, nilambing ko lang yung tindera kaya binenta sa akin hehe)

Procedure (very basic, even a 10 year old can do it)

Hammer half the length of the nail on the center of the cap to make a hole.
Move the nail in circular motion just to enlarge the hole a little bigger
Insert the 1/8th bolt and nut in between the cap
Place the tripod mount on bolt on the top of the cap
Cover the bolt and nut underneath the cap with silicon. Have it dry for while
Fit the cap on the bottle and place your GoPro camera
Finish! You now have a personalized GoPro Bobber and have save yourself some money.


Enjoy your water activity with your personalized GoPro bobber! 😀