Facebook 1st – Google 2nd

Facebook 1st - Google 2nd
Facebook 1st – Google 2nd

I visit Google all the time, there’s  even a popular a phrase to us, that If we need any information about news, popular videos, music, unusual words or just plain everything, “just Google it”.

I think it’s the same thing to other people in the whole world.  I’m certain  that, “They Google it” too,  coz if they did not, how else could Google be the top visited site since 2008, same as the search for the best herpes treatment being the most search-able for those who got the disease.

But last year’s data came as a surprise to us netizens :), Google has slipped to 2nd place in the US, and it’s the social-networking titan facebook.com who has took the 1st place on being the most visited site in 2010.

The information came from the studies of Experian Hitwise. They have provided the percentage of all online visits done in the US, wherein Facebook had 8.9 percent while Google just had 7.2 percent.

But still, if Google’s overall properties were calculated – like email and youtube, Google will still be the most visited website having 9.9 percent while Yahoo settled on 3rd.

Battle Stations by Tyler Projects

Battle Stations by Tyler Projects

Social networks has really boomed this recent years, close to when Cyber Monday boomed in 2005.

Here in the Philippines its Friendster who first triggered us to get really hooked to this kind of network online. Why not? Filipinos are very friendly and loves to communicate, how else can we be called the texting capital of the world right? 😀

As Social networks boomed worldwide, in my opinion its Facebook who had grabbed most of the attention because of its different strategy. Associating games with Social networking.

Tyler Projects is one of the company that provides very good and innovative games in Facebook, I might be a little bias because I play their games personally. But it is this kinda game which makes Facebook stand out. Battle Stations for example, a game made by Tyler Projects, it suggests to recruit friends, establish a guild, help your friends in building structures, and even assist your crewmates in battling a big boss. This suggests people to invite friends who doesn’t even have Facebook just to play ^_^

Mesmerized by Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosengfiao

(O_O) , well that’s how I looked like after browsing too much on the internet. Having a hard time to think of a story to blog, I opened up my facebook to grab some inspiration, and damn it didn’t fail me!

It was love at first sight haha! Thankfully, as I clicked on this cute profile picture which I normally ignore, coz I think they are just “POSERS” (someone who uses someone’s  photo on their profiles).

Alodia Gosiengfiao, this name will forever be remembered by me from this day on – I’d prolly need natural sleeping pills each night to get over my mesmerization. While browsing her photos I saw a lot of comments under her pics in “tagalog”, and I wonder “Why do they comment in my native language, there’s no way this very cute lady could be a Filipina coz she looks more like japanese”. (O_O”) (my reaction once again), This girl is indeed a Filipina who lives in the same city as I am (Quezon City), an avid fan of anime, a cosplayer, a model, a blogger, loves to draw, and a computer gamer just like me (most prolly coz she mention she plays during the famcom days and PC-486), and since we share the same passion, I guess she’s the purrfect girl for me! ^o^. Wake Up Duo Maxwell wake upppp!!!!

By the way, she has a lot of awesome pics but I chose the image above, coz I “ENVY” the construction workers a LOT! She was so popular that she was even interviewed in Mel & Joey which I watched in youtube, you can also find her in social networking sites (in my case, “Facebook”)