Max Load

fat bikerHaving a motorcycle nowadays is more of a necessity rather than luxury. The main purpose of why we(me and my partner) acquired a Mio Sporty is for our daily convey to and fro our home and office. And the other trips are considered a bonus. Just imagine were shelling out P150 everyday if we commute via jeepney and tricycle going to our work, when it only cost us around P160 – P180 for a full tank that’s more than enough for the whole week on our Yamaha Mio sporty. Very economical isn’t it?

During the first hundreds, I’ve computed the Mio Sporty to consumed around 33-35 kms per liter. Now after reaching 500kms on the odometer, its now 39-40 per liter. If only we can include on our budget some weight loss product or sweat it out on some gym, maybe the ratio will still go up haha. We’re a little bit overweight right now. Good thing we still haven’t reach the maximum load capacity boink!

By the way the maximum load to a Yamaha Mio Sporty is 168kg (total weight of rider, passenger, cargo and accessories)