The slimy forecasters


A number of earthquakes hit different parts of the world recently, news around the globe has spread. What concerns me about earthquakes is that warnings are made too late, warnings are given to people that are already struck by earthquake.

That made me ask, if there’s a research being done to know when and where an earthquake would strike, or we probably need to take gmat prep first.

So there are seismographs which records an earthquake, it can determine the size of an earthquake or where its epicenter occurred using waves created by it. But all this are traceable when an earthquake is already occurring or has already occurred in a certain place. For many years scientists were not able to predict an earthquake, though scientists have tried some ways, these methods have failed. Recent studies conducted in Italy which reported that 96 percent of male toads evacuated their breeding location five days before an earthquake hit the location. Further researches are being done, because frogs may just be the answer to forecasting when an earthquake will strike.

Frog Rider

Are you a motorist? a commuter? or a rider? Well for sure you have seen a frog rider. It’s my term to those scooter/underbone motorcycle riders who place their feet conspicuously on the passengers foot peg or at the rear portion of their bike. Imitating the manner or style of a motogp racer or for me a “frog”.  Modestly aside, didn’t they feel any joint pain on their knees for riding on a very uncomfortable position?

They look so ridiculous funny especially at the back-view. It seems they’re about to leap anytime haha! Yay! Don’t get me wrong here guys because I’m a rider too myself. Actually I did tried it for the heck of it, but it only last a few minutes coz I feel silly lol.

Maybe If I have time I would take actual photos.  For now the image above somehow fits what they look like hehe. 😀