Easy way to make Funny Photos

Madami ka bang pictures na para bang walang kabuhay-buhay at nakatambak lang sa iyong computer? Gusto mo bang i-edit sila even without basic knowledge on some graphic softwares?

Well, I got good news for you. Its from what I recently stumbled, a site that can create funny photo in just a few clicks (2 or 3 click nga lang yata hehe). I’m talking about en.picjoke.com. Now you can make your dull photos come alive with their online funny photo effects that you can apply on your photos. And then print it, frame it or just simply share it with your friends and loved ones via email, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace etc…

I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with all the amazing effects they have on their site. Imagine they got more than a hundred effects to choose from, and it didn’t stop there as they continously make new effects EVERYDAY!!!

I have made a few samples below for you to savor haha! And I will greatly recommend the site to my friends, and enemies as well haha! So that we’ll be friends again lol!

Funny Pictures

What are you waiting for? Visit en.picjoke.com now and start to make funny photo or rather photos haha!