LocoRoco Game


Sometimes, it’s the weirdest games that are the most addicting. 😀

I’m talking about the aptly named LocoRoco (aptly named kasi nakaka-loko siya XD), released last 2006, where you control creatures that look like those gelatin-like beads you see in a prescription acne medication. But instead of actually controlling the creatures, you control the world it moves in by “tilting” it left or right.

Initially considered a children’s game due to it’s simple controls, the cute sounds, characters and challenging gameplay has also attracted adult gamers as well. Even if it was overshadowed by some games like Tekken and Daxter during the year of it’s release, it still many awards and it’s character was even awarded the honor to be the PSP’s mascot.

It kind of makes me want to buy a PSP for Sean Kirk. Maybe he might go loco over LocoRoco as well.

Dodgeball Game

Three days from now or tatlong tulog na lang and its May 30, 2009, and I’ll be part of something historical and philantrophic (ahemm ahemm)as I’ll be one of the players for a “Dodgeball Game” kewl! Historical because this would be the 1ST ANNUAL DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT of PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES, and at the same time its for the benefit of GivesBack Foundation, for their fund-raising activity which aim to raise at least Php 200,000 for the chemotherapy of nine (9) cancer patient kids at the Veterans Hospital in Quezon City.

Our team are composed of (cute and handsome) bloggers, while for the other teams, I think it would be celebrities and playmates (awhoooo!).

So what exactly is Dodgeball, and how it is played?

According to Wikipedia

“There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls”

Kinda rough description yaiks, with emphasis to the word ELIMINATE (tsugi ba haha)! Anyway, the players are not required to have term life ins for this kind of sport unless their opponents knows Genki Dama or will be using duckpin balls instead haha! One thing for sure, this would be a fun-filled day! And seeing again those GORGEOUS playmates is already winning moments for me! 😆