And then came Miah

It’s been almost 6 years and I think Geely needed some holiday. He had served me well on all my trips and rides (market, office, errands and gimmicks) there’s no question about that. Although just like any other motorbike, sometimes he suffered slight failures, minor parts mostly.

And then came Miah! She’s a Yamaha Mio Sporty, which me and my partner recently acquired at Yamaha 3S Marikina, with the charming and pretty Angelika assisting us lively until Miah is rolled down their service bay. (the keychain is great, thanks!) Choosing between black or white really gave us headaches. White wins at the end of the day.

Naming my rides has become a habit since I gave my first to a Kymco scooter which I named “Kim”, then my second was “Geely”, and now Miah! It somehow gave me some kind of bonding with them. I hope with the coming of Miah to my “riding” life she can surpassed her predecessors in terms of performance and efficiency.

One of the juicy things of acquiring a Yamaha Mio is the abundant supply of after market parts, both performance or for show-off. Much cheaper than auto parts definitely! Good thing Yamaha opened a shop near my turf. I can bring Miah there for the occasional fine tuning and maintenance. I will not take chance on opening her this early, after all I guess it will take some time before I’ll get familiarize with her body. lol

Pagsanjan Trip

geely washed for the nth time?Im going to Pagsanjan today (to attend a seminar for 4 days) riding my old but sturdy scooter Geely. I usually ride with a group but this would be the first time Im gonna do a (long distance – approx. 100kms) solo ride. I will be traversing the scenic and curvaceous roads of Antipolo, Teresa, Morong, Baras, Tanay, and Pililla (all towns of Rizal province) before reaching Laguna towns of Mabitac, Siniloan, Pangil, Pakil, Paete, Kalayaan, Lumban then finally Pagsanjan. Whew! Its gonna be our (Geely and Me) longest ride ever. My mind is set on doing this ride around two weeks ago, then suddenly Typhoon Cosme shows up. Then I have no choice but to go to plan B. (via bus) Woke up this morning, do some stretching outside and found out the cloud is somehow clear and the sun was shining on the horizon. “What a perfect day to ride” I say: Then it all goes back to plan A. I just hope there’s internet connection to the seminar venue so that I can update this post with photos and stories about my Pagsanjan adventure. Ok see you later. Wish me Luck! Last Update 24 May 2008 I just came back from Pagsanjan yesterday. And boy it was one helluvah (solo) ride. It was fun and exciting. It took me almost 3 hours to get there, including the stopovers. I have no pressure whatsoever on the speed I want (Geely) to go. I can go fast, slow or stop whenever I please. I guess that’s one of the advantage when you go solo. Good thing it doesn’t rain that hard the whole trip last Monday. It just drizzle when I’ve reached Caliraya until I have finally set my tires on Pagsanjan. The return trip yesterday was much more faster. I spent around 2 hours on the road. Unfortunately Cosme(the typhoon) finally caught me and decided to gave me a shower on the zigzag roads of Teresa, Rizal where there’s no shelter to go under. I have under my seat a raincoat which I decided not to wear but instead placed it on top of my bag which has my seminar certificate inside (much more important hehe). So by the time I got home I was soaking bigtime, but nevertheless happy! In my upcoming posts I would share about my seminar experience and the Pagsanjan Rapids. Watch out for it. A never before seen videos of the popular bangkeros and the story behind them.

ready to gostopoverits not the food, its the view hehesidemirror
roadsignPagsanjan Falls Lodge & ResortLaguna de Bay


2008 Yamaha TMax

yamaha t-max
I still remember the first time I saw a Yamaha T-Max Maxi-Scooter last November 2002 at Baguio City, it was actually a yellow T-Max too. And as a scooterist, I easily fell in love with its great body and aerodynamic designed. Its only when I’ve done a research on the internet that I’ve knew its specification – a powerful 500cc engine (lots of power, good enough to enter the expressway lol).

Six years passed, and now Yamaha has released the T-Max 2008 model. With lots of nice modifications to its designs and down to its weight. I’m just waiting to win the lottery and I will definitely grabbed one fresh 2008 T-Max for me,lol. For the meantime I’ll just imagine that my ride is a T-Max. Anyway my Geely has similar front and rear look of a T-Max, haha. (My Geely)
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