Missing My Tricia

Why would I miss Tricia (my drift trike)?


To begin with, during the first quarter of 2012, after I’ve started watching tons of drift trikes videos on Youtube and instantly became obsessed that I decided to build one from scratch. Since I don’t know any person who’s into this sport and any legit store that sells drift trikes here in the Philippines, so I guess I just have to rely on myself and started visiting junk shops and haggle with any metal parts that I thought would be needed to build my trike.


Around last week of May 2012 I brought all my stuff (assorted bike parts and metal scraps) to a welding shop to build the trike frame, and that day TRICIA was born or was form 😀


Although Tricia is made of about 80% junk (only the seat, axle bearings and tires are brand new) I’m still proud of what it looks like when it was completed and ready to be drifted!


Almost three months passed by before Tricia and me drifts with the rest of the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew (a community I founded last May 2012 in Facebook to find people with the same passion in trike drifting.) We have occasional trike drifting sessions in Thunderbird in Angono, Sierra Madre in Tanay, Timberland in San Mateo and night drifting every Friday in Kapitolyo, Pasig.


Dahil nga sa bago itong extreme sports na ito, maraming television shows ang nag-invite sa amin na magpalabas. The shows that we have guested are – Kapuso mo Jessica Soho (GMA 7) , Matanglawin (ABS-CBN 2), Sports 37 (UnTV 37) , Sports Pilipinas (GMA News TV 11) , Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN 2), Bestmen (GMA News TV 11), The Good News (GMA News TV 11).


Bale sa The Good News lang kami hindi lumabas ni Tricia kase hindi ako pedeng umabsent sa work on the schedule shooting day. So imagine naka 6 tv shows na si Tricia ko! Ganunkarami


I can still recall how the priest react when me and my family brought our van to be blessed in Antipolo church together with my Yamaha Mio scooter. He was surprised because all the while he thought he would only blessed the van and my motorcycle, tapos yun nung binaba ko si Tricia from the van he said while smiling “Ayos meron pa palang isa jan at kakaiba pa haha!” First time daw na me nagpa-bless ng drift trike hehe.


I’ve also lost counts to how many people (including Ms. Venus Raj) have tried Tricia or just simply pose for some souvenir photos with her. My kids, friends, neighbors and posse have fun with her, even my mom had fun moments and photos with Tricia.


In fact Tricia was included in our merry making in welcoming the year 2014 as you would see in the tribute I have made for her. So you could imagine yung pinagsamahan namin ni Tricia and how my life evolves with her.


I guess my story would answer why would I miss Tricia?

Tricia is like a part of the family. And to the person who stole it inside my van last February 6, 2012 at 6:00 am, I’m still very confused why you did it, I just hope that somehow it helped you one way or the other, if not, then I think you better return it back to me.


PnSers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary

Well what do you know, its Pnsers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary!!! A group I’ve founded and presided 3 years ago and still clinging haha! We have our ups and downs but nevertheless we still strive albeit lately some of the members have been on AWOL haha!

So what we did, as I’ve posted on my facebook status “Gathering of Indians. We cook, we eat, we shoot people, we leave the place and we drink somewhere else then sleep haha!!!” By the way we celebrated the event last November 24 at Eco-Park, Lamesa Dam, Fairview Quezon City

My idea of having a free photo booth went well, everybody enjoyed the Indian props and other stuffs, though it would have been much better if we have a print labels or a printer with us to print the photos, ahhhh next time maybe.

We are blessed that day for a wonderful weather and we literally have a feast as lots of food and drinks we’re brought in by each one of us. My favorite was the grilled tilapia and the pork chop hehe.

I’d also announced during the event that I would step down as president of the club to give way for a new and fresh leadership.

Looking forward for more anniversary to come!

Check more of the photos at www.pnsers.com or at our Facebook account 😀


Pinoy Drift Trikes 1st Anniversary

Last Friday night was a quiet and small celebration of Pinoy Drift Trikes Facebook page – first year of existence (the right date would be every 2nd of May).

Me and the crew settle for a mix of Margarita and Tequila with adobo beef as appetizer at the nearby 7-11 store while Sean Kirk was busy practicing his drifting skills haha!

Some of the crew didn’t make it that night, that’s why we are extending it to be a month long celebration haha! Wishing the crew stay more years with this sport and make it popular here in the Philippines! 😀


UPDATE! as of 8pm last night (07 May 2013). The continuation of our month long PDT anniversary celebration, coincides with the birthday of one of our own drifter’s, Niño @ Yoo-hoo – Metrowalk, thanks bro!!! Booze and babes everywhere lol!