Drift Trikin with Pinoy Drift Trikes

Raredog on board Tricia (my drift trike)

Another great drift trike session we have last Sunday in Tanay, Rizal. We met three new trikers from Cainta and that makes it more exciting as our new found colleagues are just as extreme as we are haha!


The first spot we played had an S-curve (photo above) that’s only around 600 meters. It has a good slope that make us drift to as fast as 40 – 50 kph, not bad at all but of course everyone else is looking for a much more extreme experience that’s why we tried the opposite road from our camp.


Wapakkk! We were so stoked as the road is literally so twisted and the angle is much more inclined so basically it means more speed and much more action for us haha!


Well, I guess you just have to watch our video and see it for yourself. 😀

More Pinoy Drift Trikes videos coming soon!!! 

Geri Barcelona Fotografix S5 2012

Lonely Monkey


This monkey appears to be sad while he looks at me while focusing him. I can’t blame his/her gestures as you can see the owner used an ordinary wire instead of a collar on his neck.



Where are we?

flooded beach

This bunch of Korean teens looks like they’re lost their way on this flood. They are actually walking or should I say wading from one island to another while its on lowtide. I have actually shoot this photo on top of Governor’s Island at Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan



The Rook

bolinao tower

You know what the rook looks like on the chess board? Well I’m sure your do. Once you’ve reached the boundary of Bolinao in Pangasinan, you will be welcome by these two rook like tower on both sides of the road. I have gone this far with my scooter last Holy Week, together with my kiddo Kevin.