Pinoy Motorcycle Rider Uses HHO

motorhack of MCPMotorhack –  A motorcycle rider and a forum member of, who Just like what his alias means – literally hacks his motor! You wouldn’t believe it but this pinoy rider who owns a Yamaha DT claims that he’s been using 70% HHO 30% gas to powered his motorbike for two months now. And much more amazing is that almost 99 percent of the materials he utilized to build this device can  be found at anybody’s home (ika nga eh homemade talaga!), particularly inside the kitchen. Its so funny that during his first attempt he even uses a catsup squeeze bottle. And eventually it works! Iba talaga ang Pinoy! Madiskarte! Bilib ako syo bro! 😀 describes HHO as:

HHO is Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen. How does the HHO system work? When the HHO systems splits water (H2O) into its components the H2O to HHO conversion takes place. HHO is also known as Green Gas, Hydroxy, Di-Hydroxy, and Water gas. The electrolysis of water produces a burnable Green Gas. HHO is a green gas that is the wave of the future. HHO auto conversion creates a hybrid car, which are now water powered cars using the technology of HHO.

In this time of fuel crisis. Any fuel saving devices or tips that can help alleviate people lives are very much welcome by motorist worldwide. Let’s just hope that our government would support this kind of initiative.

Photos on how to assemble the device – HERE!