DIY 360 Swivel Helmet Mount for GoPro cameras


It’s actually my posse Rommel who made this DIY 360 Swivel helmet mount for his GoPro camera. He allow me to use it on my helmet that day, and because of excitement I hurriedly fix it on top of my helmet and forgot to have some photos with it for posting it on my blog. Nevertheless, since I memorized all the materials needed in making one.

Assuming you already got a helmet with helmet adhesive mounts, with J-buckle and bolt.

The materials is easy to acquire and the steps are simple

diy 360 swivel

A. caster wheel that revolves (remove the wheel)
B. nylon zip ties (insert it on the caster wheel base and tied it to the aluminum bar)
c. aluminum bar (around 2 and half feet in length and place the caster wheel at the middle, on the other side place an adhesive helmet mount with a quick release buckle to match with the J-buckle on top of your helmet, then secure the bolt to hold both buckles)
D. stick-on weights to balance the camera
e. roll-bar mount to place your GoPro camera

Well that’s it! Enjoy making cool videos with yout 360 Swivel Helmet mount!


Below is a sample video of the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew and me while using the 360 Swivel Helmet mount on our drop at Mariveles, Bataan.