Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party

This was my first time to attend such gathering. I’ve been blogging for about two years now (to be exact this coming May 1 yipee!) and yet I dugg lots of tips and information from this kind  of event for bloggers. (More! More!!!) Newbies in the blogosphere would surely gain from it. (like Kevin, my partner the whole day )

Guest speakers tackled most of the important factors in making a good blog. (podcasting, video blogging, photo blog, moblog, pro blogging, copyright, etc..) The interaction With speakers welcoming questions from the bloggers are superb. Kudos to Janette Toral, organizers and all the speakers of Iblog4.

I was able to meet my online friend Miii personally and make new aquaintance like my seatmates (both in Iblog and 88DD party) Maricris and Deyeypee. The 88DB party at Katips was great! Nice games, raffle prizes and freebies. Too bad I wasn’t even called as a runner-up on the “come as your blog contest” If only they would look at my site header image, they would see that I am wearing the exact clothing that night. I shouted and clap for batangyagit but chickenmafia was the darling of the crowd. Anyway I just gulped all the beer infront of me and headed home before the clock strikes 12 hahaha!

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How to create a calling card ala meal stub

This coming April 26 will be a long and windang day for me. As I am now confirmed to be an attendee at the upcoming Iblog 4 Summit and the 88DB.com Bloggers’ Night party. Two big events in one day! Just imagine a whole day seminar at the Malcolm Theater, College of Law, in UP Diliman, Quezon City, then a bloggers night in the evening at the Katips Bar. With booze, music, girls and prizes. Whoa! What else can you ask for! money This is war! I better get prepared. lol

Since this gathering is social networking, where you get the chance to meet a lot of nice and horny people (advertisers, bloggers, CEOs, VIPs, etc..) I better have my calling cards ready. And for those of you who also needs it.  I prepare a nice tutorial on making a handy dandy calling card ala meal stub. hahaha!

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