bloopers at The Mansion

This was our first location shooting of SAW News, right infront of The Mansion, Baguio City. The shooting was so hilarious! It’s because Josephine was so tense seeing people around looking at us, and besides it was her first time doing something like this, hahaha! (my persuasion works).

His nephew “Aji” even plays his flute infront of her (watta distraction hahaha!!! you’ll definitely hear the annoying sound of it on the video!).

Bloopers sequence

1. “tsk tsk tsk” (she actually says it, hahaha!)
2. “funny fright feeling” (she says it again, instead of acting it, hahahaha!)
3. and lastly when she reads her name on the script (hehehe!)
watch the video

Hibernation Ends

At last! My very first post for this year. Exactly after a month of hibernation! It just feels good to be back! I know of bloggers already panicking for only an hour that they won’t see their sites online. What more if they experience what I’ve gone through. 

Lots of sleepless nights, irritable, lonely, angry, and constantly in eccentric behavior all throughout this splendid ordeal. Im just happy that it’s all over now. Yehey! Its good to be back! (Hello there subscribers! Do you missed me? If there’s any? lol)

After my PR4 dropped to zero, my host suspended my account (datacenter recommends) because a portion of my php script is creating havoc on their servers and crashing it. I guess all my stats have significantly dropped again because of the situation. I have to work hard to regain what was loss. Alexa, Technorati and PR??? (who knows maybe they’ll give it back, haha).

And what did I do while my site was down? (You don’t wanna know hehehe). Well, I do some paint work at our house (walls not canvas lol), read a lot about the pagerank thingy, bought domains (nice time to buy domains because it’s relatively cheaper now because of the gaining Philippine peso), create t-shirt designs, bonding with my loved ones, Christmas shopping and parties, and everything else, just to make me forget that my site is digitally dead.

I also had the chance to make a short video (ala-CNN), thanks to Ms. Josephine for being so nice to act as my correspondent on this video. watch it