Drift Trikes shown on Philippine Television via Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

Last September 8, 2012 was a big day for Pinoy Drift Trikes as “drift trikes” was shown on Philippine television for the first time via the Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho show on GMA 7. This underground extreme sport has gained momentum and its much needed exposure to the Filipino audience particularly those into extreme sports.

our segment on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

Although drift trikes has already been popular in many countries (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Peru, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa) for two years now, its only early this year that drift trike’s enthusiasts from the Philippines was organized through Pinoy Drift Trikes.


the uncut version of our drift

This will benefit the country just in case an international competition will sprung out in the near future from this extreme sport, as this will more likely honed competitive pinoy drift trikers as early as possible.


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