Great dunk Kobe Paras

This is what the Philippines need now. Some good news from our fellow countrymen.

After winning the Miss World competition, another pinoy is making waves abroad. This time on the basketball scene particularly in a Dunk Contest by FIBA. The name is Kobe Paras, and I think his last name rings a bell because he’s the son of Benjie Paras, a legendary basketball player of our country.

Kobe was only 16 and is already 6 feet tall. He won the Under-18 3×3 Dunk Competition by FIBA that was held in Jakarta. He won the crown over dunkers from Spain and the USA.

He was also a crowd favorite because of his antics and dance move every time he dunks. Not to mention his adorable face that makes the girls and girl-alike scream! I’m sure he could easily land a slot in showbiz if he wants to. 😀