backheads of the eraserheads

We watched, we ate, we drank, at the the VIP-L section hahaha! We only saw the backheads of the eraserheads, but what the heck we still enjoy their song from where we at, and besides their performance were simply outrageous! If only the Master Rapper was there lalo na siguro naging masaya at wild ang mga tao.

I’ve just visited my recuperating cousin at Sucat and on my way back home. While cruising Airport Road I decided to turn left at Macapagal Ave. to check-out the Eraserheads – Final Set Concert at Mall of Asia. Continue reading “backheads of the eraserheads”

A Tribute to my Idol Francis Magalona

Francis may have exit the real world but enters the eternal life with our creator with great honor and pride. To you Sir Kiko. You’re definitely one big loss to the music industry, to your family and friends, to your fans and to your beloved (three stars and sun) country – Philippines. We all gonna miss you Master Rapper.

 farewell francism

Mga kababayan ko! Nais kong malaman nyo, bilib ako sa idol ko, ang ngalan nya’y Kiko! Yo! I was referring to “King of Phillipine Rap Musik – The man from Manila aka The Mouth aka Kiko aka Master Rapper aka FrancisM. Continue reading “A Tribute to my Idol Francis Magalona”

Keep the faith FrancisM

It was such a surprise that a healthy looking Master Rapper – Francis “Kiko” Magalona was diagnosed to have cancer of the blood (leukemia).

Keep the faith.Kiko!It was such a surprise that a healthy looking Master Rapper – Francis “Kiko” Magalona was diagnosed to have cancer of the blood (leukemia). Up to this date he’s still fighting the disease (or in his term dis-ease, coz literally you’re not at ease) via chemotherapy. Good thing we won’t miss him for a while because of the recent airing of his new commercial for Nescafe.

Francis recount:

I did the 3-7 treatment, or “Induction”, for a total of 7 days. 3 days of Idarubicin (a bottle for 1 hour) and Cytarabin (a 250 ml bottle for 23 hours. And 7 days of Cytarabin at 24 hours a bottle. What does one do when you have chemo through your Port-a-Cath, (chest), blood transfusions of rbc & platelets on our right wrist, and pneumonia antibiotics on our left wrist. Read a book, listen to music, watch tv, dvds, and pray, pray, pray.

Francis need lots of prayer support from his family, friends and fans. In God’s will, we know you can win this fight Francis.  Just keep the faith. We’ll be here praying for your full recovery. By the way, I’ve heard he and some of his fans are actually preparing a website about this life challenging event to serve as an inspiration to those who are in the same situation.

For more updates on Francis, visit his website at

UPDATES: 06 Mar  2009

Francis M. battle with his sickness has finally came to an end. He passed away this noon at the Medical City in Mandaluyong. He’s now with the presence of our Creator at the age of 44.

Your songs will remain always with us. Thank you for the music Kiko. May you rest in peace Master Rapper. Condolence to the bereaved of Mr. Francis Magalona.