Breakfast at Yamaha Marikina

raredog at Yamaha MarikinaCan you eat breakfast, browse online, and change oil your scooter all at the same time? Well as a matter of fact I did. I brought Miah (my mio scooter) to Yamaha 3S Marikina last saturday for her very first scheduled change oil.

Tagging my laptop that morning on the way to the shop. Im anticipating that they would offer me a cup of coffee, so I manage to bought some spanish bread along the way, haha. I wasn’t actually the one who will do the change oil thing but Melvin, one of their motorcycle mechanics.

It was on my full view (separated by a wall glass from the service bay) while Im inside the aircon showroom browsing my favorite forum (MCP Forum of course) and having my bread and coffee. Next time I’ll bring some of my partner dessert recipes to match their coffee. BTW check-out how they pamper Miah. They even place an electric fan infront of her. hehe

Max Load

fat bikerHaving a motorcycle nowadays is more of a necessity rather than luxury. The main purpose of why we(me and my partner) acquired a Mio Sporty is for our daily convey to and fro our home and office. And the other trips are considered a bonus. Just imagine were shelling out P150 everyday if we commute via jeepney and tricycle going to our work, when it only cost us around P160 – P180 for a full tank that’s more than enough for the whole week on our Yamaha Mio sporty. Very economical isn’t it?

During the first hundreds, I’ve computed the Mio Sporty to consumed around 33-35 kms per liter. Now after reaching 500kms on the odometer, its now 39-40 per liter. If only we can include on our budget some weight loss product or sweat it out on some gym, maybe the ratio will still go up haha. We’re a little bit overweight right now. Good thing we still haven’t reach the maximum load capacity boink!

By the way the maximum load to a Yamaha Mio Sporty is 168kg (total weight of rider, passenger, cargo and accessories)

And then came Miah

It’s been almost 6 years and I think Geely needed some holiday. He had served me well on all my trips and rides (market, office, errands and gimmicks) there’s no question about that. Although just like any other motorbike, sometimes he suffered slight failures, minor parts mostly.

And then came Miah! She’s a Yamaha Mio Sporty, which me and my partner recently acquired at Yamaha 3S Marikina, with the charming and pretty Angelika assisting us lively until Miah is rolled down their service bay. (the keychain is great, thanks!) Choosing between black or white really gave us headaches. White wins at the end of the day.

Naming my rides has become a habit since I gave my first to a Kymco scooter which I named “Kim”, then my second was “Geely”, and now Miah! It somehow gave me some kind of bonding with them. I hope with the coming of Miah to my “riding” life she can surpassed her predecessors in terms of performance and efficiency.

One of the juicy things of acquiring a Yamaha Mio is the abundant supply of after market parts, both performance or for show-off. Much cheaper than auto parts definitely! Good thing Yamaha opened a shop near my turf. I can bring Miah there for the occasional fine tuning and maintenance. I will not take chance on opening her this early, after all I guess it will take some time before I’ll get familiarize with her body. lol