Frog Rider

Are you a motorist? a commuter? or a rider? Well for sure you have seen a frog rider. It’s my term to those scooter/underbone motorcycle riders who place their feet conspicuously on the passengers foot peg or at the rear portion of their bike. Imitating the manner or style of a motogp racer or for me a “frog”.  Modestly aside, didn’t they feel any joint pain on their knees for riding on a very uncomfortable position?

They look so ridiculous funny especially at the back-view. It seems they’re about to leap anytime haha! Yay! Don’t get me wrong here guys because I’m a rider too myself. Actually I did tried it for the heck of it, but it only last a few minutes coz I feel silly lol.

Maybe If I have time I would take actual photos.  For now the image above somehow fits what they look like hehe. 😀


Going to the countryside, camping or simply being outdoor is something I’d really love to do. Its the time to bond with nature and leave techieness for the meantime. That’s why when I got some spare time I always engage myself on some long drive with my motorcycle.

If only motorcycle can be use for motorhome towing that would be great! I could plan a much longer itinerary as I could bring along everything I need (some cold beer and nachos hehe). I guess this wasn’t a dream anymore as I gawked upon the above photo of a motorhome being towed by a chopper bike at



Hooray! Another big event on the motorcycle world is about to happen this August. As the National Racing Association (NRA) is proud to introduce MOTOKHANA here in the country.

So what exactly is MOTOKHANA?

Its a multi-category, rider skills challenge wherein a competitor’s objective is to ride through a pre-designed course in the shortest time, and with as little error as possible.

So If you believe you’re a good a rider as you think you are, then MOTOKHANA is the event for you.

This latest activity from the National Racing Association (NRA) is set to make its debut on August 15, 2009 at the Liberty Center on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

Here are the Competition Classes:

1. Solo (Scooter)
2. Solo (Underbone)
3. Solo (Small Bike)
4. Team

Entry fee is Php1,000 only.

For more details simply logon at or call the National Racing Association at tel. no. 725 3949, mobile no. (0917) 820 2391.

What’s great about it is that any rider can join, as long as he or she has a license to ride (Restriction 1) and has a currently registered motorcycle. And lastly, of course you definitely have the guts and the skills to nail it! Hmmm…C’yah there!!!

UPDATES: As of 14 August 2009

Due to unforeseen events, the maiden staging of the MOTOKHANA, scheduled on August 15, 2009, at the Liberty Center in Mandaluyong City, has been postponed to September 19, 2009.