Violation of NO LEFT TURN

Something  ridiculous happened to me last Sunday, when I got flagged down by the Green Boys of Marikina. It happened at around 11 am while I’m riding my scooter. I made a U-Turn along Juan Sumulong street, just infront of Marikina Public Market. I thought t’was just a routine checkpoint. It turned out that I’ve violated a traffic sign. WTF!

One of them approached me and asked for my drivers license. I then asked politely, what would be my violation. To my surprise, one of them (the one who’s writing on the ticket) told me its “Violation of No Left Turn”. LMAO! How could that be, when what I did was a U-Turn???

I definitely disagrees with them, since what I made is a U-Turn on a street that has no “No U-Turn” signage whatsoever. The Green Boys then asked me to follow them to show that elusive roadsign that they say I’ve overlooked. The signage was attached to a post located on the sidewalk. I almost burst into laughter when I saw the traffic sign they’re pointing at. Its a “No Crossing” and a “No Left Turn” sign, which obviously I didn’t do any or both?!

So I asked them which of those two signs did I violate? Sensing that they might lose the case, one of them said in authoritarian voice. “Which do you prefer sir, the Violation of No Left Turn that will cost you P150 or I’ll charge you with a City Ordinance blah blah that is worth P1000? Since they already have my license, I didn’t bother to argue with them anymore coz I think it would be just be a waste of time. I said to myself “Okay I give up, just give me my ticket and i’m outta here! @#!&%”

Maybe some refresher course on road signs for your Green Boys would be appropriate Madam. Just my two cents. 😡