Holy Thursday in Manaoag

holy thursday

What does it take for me to repent?It takes 200 kilometers!

It’s true, as we (Gala de Mio) travelled (exactly 200 kilometers from my odometer) to Pangasinan to visit the church of our Lady of Manaoag.

I was just joking about my intro, but I really did made my confession this Holy Thursday through  one of their priest.

What about you. Have you done your confession lately?

Trivia: From my WordPress data – This post is actually my 500th post  and it sets on April 01, 2010 – same as April’s Fools Day 😆

Good Friday Road Trip

Spending Good Friday on the road has been my “panata” for many years now. Its like some sort of penitence and spiritual nourishment for me. During my adolescent years I walked (a gruelling 15 kms from our house) all the way to Grotto (in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan) with my friends, family, or neighbors. I even went solo, twice or thrice. But then, I’ve stopped doing it for quite some time now, not until yesterday, when Im back at the road again on a Good Friday…

Together with my ride buddy Sergs and his back ride. We braved the scorching heat and rode all the way to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan (211 kms, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall – Manaoag Pangasinan). We took off at around 5 am and our tires set tracks at Manaoag grounds by around 10:45am. Passing numerous flagellants, cross-carrier’s and processions along the way (particularly in Pampanga). And I just can’t passed by without taking some souvenir shots, as this would be my first time to witness such large number of penitent’s.

Except for a flat tire my partner got when were already at Kalayaan Ave, all goes well with our travel as we got home safe and sound. Good Friday is really good after all!

I’m thinking what more to add to this post when suddenly I recieved an SMS from a friend. Very timely. Here it goes:

Lord thank you for this great day!
I love you and need you to come into my heart.
Do Bless me, my family, my home, my work and my friends.

Have a blessed holy week everyone. 😀

Just click the photos for more of our Manaoag Road Trip!