May PAGASA pa ba?

Let’s bring back the days of the summer here in the Philippines. Who would have forgotten the 38-40 degrees heatwave which acted as a free fat burner pills to our body, and that we’ve suffered a lot, and where we have constantly wished summer would bid farewell asap.

Now, let’s talk about the present. Finally, summer went bye-bye, Oh, by the way, he left a bit of his sweat on the last week of June. It’s a light rainfall which stayed around 15 minutes. In that short span of time we got heavy traffic because of FLOOD!!

Whew talk about preventive measures, as usual it’s done after the effect.


Anyway I heard in the news that additional weather dopplers are being installed here in the Philippines. 10 doppler radars overall. 5 of them are expected to be operational after 2 years :). If you recall Typhoon Pepeng and Ondoy, where thousands of people have died and properties destroyed amounting to billions. Well Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) were actually blamed for the lack of Doppler radars that made them fail to calculate the amount of rainfall. In the end, a lot of areas were devastated.

Until now, when Typhoon Basyang came. and still, PAG-ASA cannot perfect their forecast! Maybe its about time they change their style, their image, and lastly, their NAME, coz I think its getting hopeless rather than hope.

Its gettin hot in here

Its gettin hot in here
So take off all your clothes – a cut from Nelly’s song Hot in here.

This is really happening!

It is climate change indeed! And it is our biggest enemy this 20th century.  More popularly known as Global Warming. Scorching summer here in the Philippines served as one of its proof.

If you think that the heat you’re currently enduring is normal because it is summer, please take my advise and stay indoors or go to cool places such as Baguio or Canada or if you got lots of moolah, perhaps having a Disney vacations with your love ones is a great idea.

According to PAGASA since March 08, 2010, they have not put out the possibility of a heat wave, and this month of April; Manila had temperature that rise up to 37 degrees, when our average temperature is only around 27 degrees, OMG!

It was even reported in Philstar that the “Palarong Pambansa” (Sports Event) which was done in San Jose, Tarlac, had to be suspended by DepEd for a few hours to prevent the athletes from possible incident of heat stroke.

What’s hotter? Marikina Scandal vs Today’s Weather

marikina scandal

Obviously, everyone would agree its the weather!!! And it’s about time that anyone around the world that seeks or search  for “Marikina Scandal” online would get negative results on search pages.

Let’s all help in uplifting the image of the beautiful city of Marikina and Filipinas all over the world by means of uploading/posting positive digital media on the internet.

Mabalik tayo sa weather or El Nino. Ang super-mega-ultra-hyper-init na panahon natin ngayon. Imagine, reaching 36.8ºC this week. Ay sus, grabe po talaga!!! Since Im a rider, damang-dama ko po ang init sa lansangan. Hindi kayang mawala kahit magpatakbo ng mabilis, kase ganun pa rin ang sasalubong na hangin sa iyo, mainit pa rin. Kaya kung kayo din ay lagi sa labas, makabubuting magdala ng tubig at baka kayo ay ma-heatstroke sa sobrang init ng panahon.

MANILA, Philippines – Muling nagbabala ang PAGASA na mas iinit pa ang panahon sa Metro Manila sa buwan ng Mayo na aabutin ng hanggang 41ºC.

Ayon kay Nathaniel Cruz, chief weather bureau ng PAGASA, patuloy ang pagtindi ng mainit na panahon sa Mayo hanggang Hunyo bunsod ng epekto ng humidity sa panahon ng El Niño.

Noong nakaraang Martes, naitala ang pinaka mainit na panahon na pu­ma­lo sa 36.8 degrees Celsius.

Mas mainit na panahon naman ang naranasan noong Huwebes sa Metro Manila na umaabot sa 37.

“Inaasahan natin aabot pa yan sa 38 degrees Celsius..Pero kung 36 na sinasabi ng PAGASA, yan ay kung nasa lilim ka. Kung ikaw ay nasa labas maaring yan ay 40 to 41 degrees Celsius,” ayon kay Cruz.


Walandyo, aba eh para na siguro tayong nasa loob ng oven nyan!!!

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