I just join the bandwagon of zero page rank blogs! I’m not so surprised coz I knew it was coming; Last Thursday (December 6) I posted “my first for godsake” opportunity blog for payperpost titled “Officially a Postie“, knowing the news about blogs that utilized payperpost are being deranked by Google, I still pushed my luck and post it, I even recall a comment by a fellow blogger saying “Hi, Are you not worried that Google will run after your blog and reduce your PR to zero?” And it did happen! After 4 days my website was grabbed of its PR4, just like that! (that guy is a psychic)

It was so sad for PPP bloggers like me, for it would greatly affect us in having some nice opportunities due to the loss of our PR. Im just doing this to supplement my low monthly income, is it bad? Now all my dreams of earning  via blogging was devastated. I hope Google would give us their side on why they made such a move.

I was scheduled to do many things yesterday like – create a favicon, check mails, etc..but instead I spend the whole morning reading a thread consisting of 32 pages at PPP Boards – Am I imagining this? — PR Dropping to 0

I also try different Page Rank checker online for a second look at my PR, nevertheless they’re all consistent of PR ZERO  results! wahhhhhhh!

Know what people at IZEA is doing about it. CLICK HERE.

I would like to quote some of the bloggers reaction on the said PPP forum:


“It’s ordinary folks like myself who have made Google the giant it is. They should be thanking us, not smacking us around.”

“I don’t want to whine about this but I really needed the money that doing paid posts was bringing in”

“I liked blogging a whole lot more when I didn’t even know what PageRank was.”

“All we need to do is tell people how Google – a big company with approximately 13,000 employees – is bullying individual stay at home Moms who simply want to be able to earn enough to stay at home.

Is it our fault that companies can pay for links in order to rank higher in Google’s search engine? No.

Is it our fault that Google has decided to penalise us individual bloggers rather than penalizing the companies who made the decision to do that? No.

Bloggers are a powerful force. Posties have been able to get the word out about great products and services – we can get the word out about BAD products and services just as effectively. All we have to do is speak out.

Contact your local media. Write letters to the paper. Post about it on any forums you might belong to. Type until you have sore fingers – and then keep typing some more!

But most of all, speak about how the big bully Google are bullying Moms and Dads, and every day people just trying to make enough money to be able to be able to feed their kids.” By snoskred

“All of my blogs are showing 0!! What the heck is going on??? I hope it’s just a glitch!”

“Both of mine dropped to PR0 today also. All I have to say is Google sucks!!!”

“Even my daughter’s blog, who does no paid posts at all, is showing 0 PR. Something is up.”

“if this is real, and not a glitch…
what a wonderful early Christmas gift. /sarcasm”

“It’s a problem for now, but not the end of the world. Ultimately this could be Google shooting themselves in the foot when we replace PR with something real – RealRank.”

“Three of mine are now a zero, but the only one without any PPP stuff is still showing a 2.”

“But it is still hurting me badly, almost no income for the xmas season. Soon i will be on 1/2 rations.”

“It will be done, and google PR will soon be a thing of the past across the entire net”

“I think they are doing this to PPP blogs. ALL my PPP blogs are 0 but the one that isn’t, is still a 3. And I don’t do TLA.”

“No surrender for me. Google’s got too much power already. I’m not giving them anymore. They think my blogs suck? So be it. I’m going to do nothing different to suit their goals of an Internet monopoly. Count me out.”

“Now that pretty much everyone has a PR 0, something has to be done by payperpost, otherwise, bloggers will start dropping like flies.”

“If I start thinking about how I’m going to have to tell the kids that we can’t have Christmas this year because the mean, rotten, old Google-Scrooge has taken it away, I’ll seriously lose it. “

Lastly from :

“At the end of the day, you shouldn’t let Google or any other search engine dictate the way you build your site. You should just be honest with yourself and your visitors and don’t try to earn money from sites that deceive search engines. You should build a site for your visitors and not for search engines.”

And website like this were born: