Photos from Bolinao Pangasinan

Busy with team building activities with my co-employees, I haven’t had ample time to shoot. Anyway, here are some of what I’ve captured during my 3-day stay at Puerto Del sol in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Although its not really on our itinerary, its a pity that I wasn’t able to visit and shoot one of  Bolinao’s famous landmark, The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse at Patar Beach, which is just around 15 minutes away from where I stayed. 🙁

planet earth


lovers in a glass



Holy Thursday in Manaoag

holy thursday

What does it take for me to repent?It takes 200 kilometers!

It’s true, as we (Gala de Mio) travelled (exactly 200 kilometers from my odometer) to Pangasinan to visit the church of our Lady of Manaoag.

I was just joking about my intro, but I really did made my confession this Holy Thursday through  one of their priest.

What about you. Have you done your confession lately?

Trivia: From my WordPress data – This post is actually my 500th post  and it sets on April 01, 2010 – same as April’s Fools Day 😆

Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd

AMPALAYA bitter gourd

In my recent trip to Pangasinan, my mother (quite literally) dragged me to the local market for a quick lesson skin care… well sort of. She said that for this lesson, I had to remember to increase my intake of veggies, especially to prevent my skin issues that have gotten worse over the years that even Pronexin probably couldn’t fix it.

I’m not really a veggie hater, in fact I love veggies. I love Caesar’s Salad, Chopsuey, and my mom’s Kare-Kare, Banana Heart and Pinakbet. But I totally, 100% dislike Bitter Gourd (or Ampalaya, as we call it here in the Philippines). I’ve never acquired the taste for it. My brother, though, could eat a mountain of that stuff, under the condition that you let him cook it. Somehow, when he cooks Ampalaya, the bitterness isn’t detectable, hence, it’s much more tolerable for my palate.

Anyway, the thing I’ve noticed after coming home from the province is that some veggies here in Manila are not as fresh. I think after spending even a couple days there, my taste buds can detect the slightest hint of freshness in vegetables.