Panning Shots din pag me time

Its been months since I’ve last used Fudgee (my Fuji S1800 camera) for some rigid photo activity. So when I heard that Yamaha Philippines will hold its MotoGP Race at the nearby Robinson’s Mall Novaliches. I have to make sure that I’m free of my schedules that day.

This kind of motorsport is the best when you want to practice “panning shots“, which is particularly one my favorite photography techniques. Albeit am a bit rusty, I was able to captured some couple of nice shots from the hundreds that I made during the event haha!

Enjoy the pictures.











Geri Barcelona Fotografix S7 2012

One gloomy Sunday. The sky is dark and there’s a slight drizzle all over town. I thought my photoshoot with a car will be postpone. Yup a car and not a person would be my photo subject for the day haha. Its a retro Mitsubishi Lancer Boxtype  and yet it’s unlikely that the owner of the car who happens to be my kumpadre wouldn’t want to be included haha! I’m sure he’ll more than willing to be a model 😀

So we wait until the drizzle went out and the sun shines again. Luckily, the rain stops and the atmosphere were bright again. That’s my cue to grab my gears and went with my kumpare to a nearby school compound for some shootin. I’m really not prepared for it but I got some cool ideas running in my mind for the shoot. Here are some of my shots that day…

Bird’s eye view Shot

Its already in my plan to do this shot and luckily there’s a climbable tree near the road from where we do most of the shoots. As you can see I also use “framing” technique on this shot. (subject/s are framed inside tree branches)


Ant’s eye view Shot

Another difficult shot for me particularly that my camera doesn’t have an articulating screen like most of latest camera models. I almost crawl with belly to the ground just to have this angle haha!



Cars and panning shot has a common factor and that is motion or speed. Its been a while since my last panning shot with a motorcycle so its kinda rusty for me to do this shot. Although I nailed it after two tries haha! I just position myself and told my friend to drove the car just like he stole it and I’ll do the rest haha!



My favorite post processing HDR or High Dynamic Range. I’m looking for some earth colors for this shot. So when I saw the brown soil at the background plus the trees and leaves I think it’ll be just perfect.
car and richard



This technique is by far not too much abused by most camera users particularly newbie photograpers or just the norm. Its actually quite easy to do. Just focus on the glass until you can see on your screen what you wanted to see. (in this case, the car). 😀

by the way my friend Richard is a member of Lancer Boxtype Pilipinas and Team Orthodox Racing (TOR)

happy shootin! 😀

My Panning Shot got 5th at

2 cyclist

Another photo challenge win for me. This time its the “Compact Power: Panning” photo challenge, again at I got 5th place for the above photo. (out of 29 entries). My co-member in PnSers (Point and Shoot Users) Sir Spreketek was declared No.1. After all he’s won’t be called the Master Panner at our forum for nothing 😀

By the way, my entry was shot last May at the Marikina Sports Center. Just go there when a bunch of cyclist practice around the velodrome, and I’m sure, even if you’re a beginner on this technique (panning) you’ll go home with two, three or more awesome panning shots! Happy panning!

dpreview challenge result HERE