Motorcycle Parking Discrimination

Im sure lot of regular motorcycle riders at this mall would feel the same way  I did today. I was about to park to my favorite spot when I’ve noticed that there seems to be no motorcycle anywhere? Both on the gutter and at the balcony. This is usually the spot where riders can park their bikes for free.

I decided to made a U-turn and go to their paid parking which is around 500-600 meters from the free parking. I approached the parking teller and told him my plate number as I usually does. On which he responded by saying “Sir hindi po dito ang entrance, dun po sa kabila” A bit shock and irritated since I have to circle again for another half kilometer,  I replied “Dito ako lagi dumadaan papasok ah?! To which he just shrugged.

“Walandyo! Magbabayad ka na nga ayaw ka pang papasukin, samantalang sandamakmak ang kotse, van at AUV’s around the mall na naka-park ng libre eh ok lang?! Hayy!”

I instead leaved the place and rode to the next mall, then bought the things I needed hassle-free! If you live from the East Side you’ll probably know this mall which is near a former president highway.