Lupang Hinirang version of Joey Ayala


This version of our national anthem arranged by the legendary composer/folk singer Joey Ayala should be something to ponder about. Considering that  the original marching style is quite old and need some makeover.

What I like about Joey’s version is that the lyrics are pronounced correctly, the melody is more touching like its coming from the heart when you sing it.

Though I’m ok with the old lyrics of “Ang mamatay ng dahil sa’yo” coz I think it symbolizes us to be patriotic and at the same time depicts love, because you wouldn’t wanna die for someone you don’t love, don’t you?

Philippine Hot Air Balloon

yellow cab hot air ballon

This photo was taken during the The 2010 Hot Air Balloon fiesta in Clark Pampanga.

Hot air baloon is an expensive and extreme sport in many aspect, that one would need at least more than a cheap car insurance before embracing the sport.

The fear of tremendous heights, limited space, strong wind and bursting balloon are the main factors you will encounter up there. I’m sure all of these are nothing compare to what the sport enthusiast feels when they are airborne. The fulfillment and joy seeing the world from up there. Kudos to all who were into these kind of sports. Enjoy and fly safely! 😀

Image by lolidus